I don’t know where or when I first heard that statement, “There is no time like the present,”  but I do know it was repeated pretty consistently

in my family. BUT, what does it mean? Growing up it meant I was supposed to finish one of my chores; get it out of the way. Probably so I could do the next chore!

What does the statement mean to me now? Well, it feels more like I’m supposed to stop and take notice of what’s going on in the present moment.

There is no time like the present to:

  • Stop and smell the roses
  • Read a book or write one
  • Meditate
  • Practice yoga or exercise
  • Enjoy coffee with a friend
  • Hold your partner’s hand
  • Play with your child
  • Call a family member
  • Cuddle your pet
  • Cook something fantastic, or not!
  • Explore a new hobby
  • Binge watch 5 seasons of…
  • Watch the sunrise or set

What are you doing to stay present? I’m sure you’ve had one of those moments when you’re driving your car and not quite sure how you got to your destination. That can be considered a meditated state, and not necessary a safe thing to do when  driving. Staying present takes practice.

Staying present, really present can be a difficult task. It means no multitasking; you can only do one thing at a time! It means really paying attention to the person you’re talking with. It’s concentrating on the one thing in front of you. It’s shifting your focus away from your busy mind.

There’s the challenge.Taming your mind to do what you want. Quieting your mind and focusing on the one thing you’re currently doing. Folding laundry without allowing your mind to wander. How about really focusing on what you’re eating, connect to your chewing, the taste and texture of the food… there are so many challenges!

Life is full of choices. Where do you want to be? Connected to every minute of your life or letting life pass you by you? Because when you aren’t present, time can’t be counted.

What if your life was so fulfilling that you wanted to spend every minute focused on the present moment, on what was in front of you? Can you imagine the bliss, the joy, the gratitude you’d feel for being alive!

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