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Reiki III Master Certification

Reiki III Master Certification

You’re taking the plunge, you are becoming a Reiki Master!

Over these two days you’ll learn an additional three symbols to use in your healing practice or on family and friends. These symbols are also used to give attunements, which you will learn on day two.

On day one you’ll work on each other at a higher level of intuitiveness, following and feeling the energy. You will also learn how to reconnect the displaced energetic body to the physical body. This is really cool stuff. You may find a leg out of place or a head disconnected from a body!

By the end of the weekend you will be certified to teach all Usui Reiki Levels!

Location: TBA
Date: TBA
Time: 9:30am – 5:00pm
Investment: $400.00 (incl. taxes)