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Moving from the Outside, In

~By Tracy Makarenko

Read about my own personal journey to heal from the outside, in.

Have you ever thought you’d lose your mind if you spent one more day the same as the one hundred before? That was me. Everyday I cried, “There must be more to life than this!”

At the age of thirty-three I had been married for eight years. Notice that I did not say “happily married,” although there were moments of pure joy. My husband and I had produced two beautiful daughters, then three and five years old. Since the age of six months I had moved fifteen times. I wasn’t a military brat, but a child of a miner, and I had married a mining engineer. This last move had unhinged me. It had returned me to my past, the past I had put out of my mind because of all the emotions that surfaced and haunted me when I reflected backward in time. The return to my hometown, where I had lived between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five put me into enough of a tailspin that it wasn’t a surprise when I found myself knee deep in an emotional quagmire. Or was it more of an identity crisis?”

I revisited the past to find the answers that would allow me to move forward into my future. My entire being needed to be rebuilt. Moving past the old into the new was a long and at times difficult process. I turned to holistic health care and was surprised by its power. I had always been intuitive and never felt like I fit in anywhere. This place felt more like home. My intuition heightened, and the most unbelievable events took place as I moved forward. I share them so that if you are moving forward on your healing journey, you will know that you are not alone.

Many moments left me feeling overwhelmed. But the reality was that each issue that was resolved offered another opportunity of freedom. My head felt clearer, my body felt newer, my emotional state was more balanced. I had gotten my life back.

Many of us realize there is more to life than what our parents or grandparents experienced. It isn’t about what is right or wrong but what is inside us, what needs to be nourished. The bed we made no longer needs to be slept in; we are allowed to change our minds; we are allowed to release the bonds that society has placed on us for so long. Each and every day that I moved forward into my new life, things made more and more sense.

It is important that you live from your own truth, not one filled with lies, inconsistencies, or conditioning, but your real truth, the one you find when you fall in love with yourselves. Your body is a masterpiece, but you’ve never been given the tools to be the curators, the keepers of your own health.

You will journey with me into my forties, when I realized that my life on Earth was about helping others heal, and in doing so to share information, which led me to write this book. I have done my self-healing work to find many deeply hidden surprises. Take this journey with me and learn how to let go of your past and all the baggage attached to it. Learn tools that will allow you to work with your intuition in a healthy and grounding way. Heal your body and find your way to self-love and the surprises that are revealed beyond that! When you learn how to listen and speak from your heart, miracles happen.

Take this journey with me. Transition from the outside in and then back out again!

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An amazing read. Great for anyone who is struggling to make peace with their past, make sense of patterns that keep repeating themselves, and for overall healing. Couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait to see what Tracy writes next!

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