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Committing to a Coaching Program is a big deal and you need to be proud of yourself for making that decision! This step means you’re ready to dig deeper and discover areas of your life that just aren’t working. It also means you’re willing to put in the work.

My practice has changed over the years as I’ve grown, but from the moment I realized I had a gift for healing, I’ve made it my life’s mission to be better and do better. I believe the commitment you make to coaching takes the healing process up another level. Coaching allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your issues and help clarify what’s sitting under the surface at your subconscious and unconscious level.

We’ll breakdown and release old conditioning, then connect on those levels where you really get to unravel your truth and recognize your full potential. Releasing issues and patterning helps unblock cranky old energies that no longer serve you.

How does this all work?

Well, the process is different for everyone, but the end result is always the same. You will feel lighter, happier, and more alive!

I want you to reclaim your self-worth and make empowering choices for your life. I want you to get to that place where you can transition through your daily life with ease. This is a win win for everyone, because it translates into more time, energy, and passion for you, your family, business, and community. This new level of happiness will help elevate your frequency which is when the magic starts happening. And guess what else? Along the way you’ll dream and manifest an amazing life!

We’ll meet every second week over a 20-week period which will include, 10 1-Hour Sessions at a cost of $1250

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Tracy helped me heal from a serious brain injury and gently guided me through a spiritual and emotional transformation using craniosacral therapy, coaching, guided visualisations and other modalities. I really appreciated her approach and intuitive ability of utilizing different techniques according to my needs. Each session felt very personalized and impactful as a result. She truly is a holistic and gifted coach. Thank you, Tracy!

Kyra Jess Grue