The first time I recognized (it had happened many times before, but I pretended they were coincidences) that I was getting a message from the “otherside” was just after my first daughter was born. It was a blistering winter day and I was getting Brett and myself ready to head out the door, but I just couldn’t do it. It was month-end, and if you’re in finance you’ll know, you just can’t miss work!

So, I was stuck in a quandary and left pacing back and forth in our living room. I pushed back the feeling of dread, put us in the car and head to daycare. I was less than two minutes from home when I hit a patch of ice and slid into a light post, destroying the front-end of my SUV.

My 3rd eye was open, but not completely balanced for several more years. I’d get many glimpses of images or hear many different voices. I wasn’t watching for signs at that point. It was difficult to figure it all out. Once I became a Reiki practitioner, things got so much better.

I learned to work with the energies and began to understand more. My listening skills got much better after that. Why do we sometimes get messages and other times not at all?

Why are some messages really clear and other ones are riddles?

Those are all good questions. I think it has more to do with us than our spirit guides. Your mood, state of mind, and health definitely determines how well the messages are received.

When your world is a bit quieter do you notice more messages? Are you more in-tune?

I hear voices in my head, get a knowing about something, but there are many different ways to get messages. Perhaps you see signs like the sequence of numbers everywhere. You might be given the title of a book several times from different people, or it may come in the form of an injury if you’re just not listening.

I love that when I’m open the messages come in creative ways. There’s the scent of roses when my Gran is nearby. I find feathers from my grandmother. My grandfather tried several ways to grab my attention, then one day I smelled his stinky feet and knew he was there! Now I can recognize his energy without the smell.

The more we let our intuition guide us the more we’re guided. And when we’re guided for our highest good, miracles happen.

If you’re a Reiki Practitioner learn more about increasing your Intuitive abilities.