Energetic Clearing

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’ve communicated with the other-side on some level. Perhaps asked for guidance from your Spirit Guide or one of the Archangels, then watching for a  “sign” to answer the request. Maybe you do a lot more!

As the frequency of the planet  rises, more and more people are becoming interested and aware of what is beyond the veil. The more I’ve healed over the years the more aware I have become. Looking back, I’m confident that as a child I was able to communicate to all different forms of energy.  It wasn’t until I became a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master in 2005, that I remembered those abilities. As a child they were just a part of me. As I grew-up I learned to honed these gifts.

I LOVE being able to recognizing and reading the different energies around me. I’m connected through most of the Clairs; clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairalience. I see and feel spirits on all levels, including what’s going on in people’s bodies.

The first House Clearing I did surprised me, the energies were so recognizable.

After that first time, a lot of people started calling. As our frequencies are rise and the veil gets thinner and thinner, our light gets brighter and brighter. All of this attracts lower energies, but it also opens us up to more and more portals from other realms. Our awareness has opened up to what has always been there.

Getting a house clearing is always a good idea. It gets rid of stagnant energy and other energies left behind from company (yours or your children’s). Doing this once a year is really valuable, because we change and we want our space to change along with us… in a positive way. More recently I’ve noticed much darker entities and portals of unwanted energies seeping through. With so many people traveling around the world to foreign countries with long histories, it’s no surprise that some people bring back “stuff.”

Open portals can cause night terrors for children. This is because they are so connected to the spirit realm and their innocence shines so brightly.

This is not a ghost story meant to scare you. First, I share this so you can get comfortable with the idea. Second, I want to give you a few tools. You can clear your space. Many of you already do this. Clear the outside of your home first, then move indoors and clear each room separately.

If you’ve taken your reiki, use your symbols and the reiki energy. If not, use sage or sweetgrass to smudge the areas, followed with white light.

Clear out any weird angles, perhaps placing a dream catcher or crystal in that space. Often, these areas open up to other dimensions, which are called portals. Smudging does not close these entrances, but the right crystal can help.

If you’re still having issues, give me a call. Dealing with difficult energies is what I do best.

Most properties take one hour to clear. The cost is $150/hr plus the cost of the crystals (each house varies) and mileage.