Energetic Clearing

If you’re reading this chances are you’ve communicated with the other-side; looking for guidance from your Spirit Guides or the Angels. Many of you watch for “signs.” Chances are you probably don’t really believe in coincidences.

This, of course, might not have always been the case. I remember a time when I was oblivious to what was going on around me. But, as the frequency of the earth rises with each of us more interested in improving upon our spiritual growth and become more enlightened, we’re all starting to notice more.

The reason I bring this up is many of you may not know that I use to do House Clearings. The number of calls I’d received increased significantly from year to year. Is it we’ve become more aware or are they making their presence that much more noticeable?

Getting a house clearing in general is a great idea. It gets rid of stagnant energy and other energies left behind from company (yours or your children’s). Doing this once a year is really valuable, because we change and we want our space to change along with us… in a positive way.

More recently I’ve noticed much darker entities and portals of unwanted energies seeping through. With so many people traveling around the world to foreign countries, it’s no surprise you may bring back “something.” Those open portals? They cause night terrors.

This is not a ghost story meant to scare you. First, I share this so you can get comfortable with the idea. Second, I want to give you a few tools.

You can clear your space, first the outside of your residence, moving counterclockwise. Then clear the inside of your home, doing each room separately from the top floor, to the basement, and ending on the main floor where you send most of your time. Do this clearing clockwise.

What should you use to clear the space? The reiki symbols if you have them, if not, you can smudge the house with sage or sweetgrass.

If you have any weird angles to your ceiling you may want to put up a dream catcher, a hanging crystal or just place a crystal in that space. Typically these areas can open up to other dimensions and are called portals. Smudging does not close these entrances, but crystal placement can help. What crystals should you use? Use your intuition to figure that out, just go with the first one you think of, even if its a rock from the road.