As I continue to do my healing my awareness within becomes much more sensitive. For this I am thankful.

I’ve noticed that my pain tolerance is much less, the good part of that is it allows me to recognize issue before they become anything more substantial. That includes something as simple as the common cold!

As you gain body awareness there are other things you start to notice, like how much sleep is necessary for you to be at your best each and everyday. For me it’s 7 hours and 40 mins, odd, but true. You may  have noticed that time for yourself, down-time, meditation, or exercise improves your disposition (crappy attitude). And of course, which foods cause you digestive issues. This is when my mind really shifted, I hated the way I felt and there was no way I was “popping” an antacid to feel better.

All of this shifted more keenly into my awareness while visiting family last fall. The thing about visiting is I tend to eat and drink more than I should, and usually more of what I know I shouldn’t have. “I’m on holidays!”

I’m cranky if I don’t get enough sleep. This I forgot, but was reminded by a cousin that remembered my pj’s from the teen years that said, “I don’t do mornings.” I also noticed that dairy doesn’t affect me as much as it use to, gluten isn’t the culprit as much as potatoes, and I really shouldn’t do sugar anymore 🙁

I don’t actually do much sugar, but mmm I love chocolate! Chocolate is being promoted, much like wine, that it’s good for you. Specifically dark chocolate, I’m all for that!

I’m on day 8 of “no chocolate.” As a witness of my own brain, it is amazing what triggers me to think and crave chocolate. Part of it was habit, a small piece after lunch, but without it by mid-afternoon my mind is completely full of stories as to why I need it!

You can be a witness to anything you’re trying to change in life. Be that third party looking in at your mind and your behaviour. Take a look by bringing your awareness inwards. Take a good look at what the real reason is behind why you do what you do. It’s most interesting…