fate and destiny workshop

I sit here gazing out my window in a dreamy state hoping my world would change…


It’s not time to let life come to you, it’s time for you to decide on the life you want!

Do you even know what that looks like? How creative is your imagination? Are you dreaming big or just dreaming?

At birth we’re all fated to live a certain life, that’s my belief. We’re born into the family that can support us along this journey called life. Sometimes that doesn’t look like support at all! But, all the conditioning of our family, friends and community play a big part in the lessons we’re meant to learn here on Earth.

Then there is destiny, that is something completely different. We get to decide what our destiny is, how it looks and feels. We get to decide who is a part of it. This is when all the Laws’ make their appearance.

Law of Attraction: This is part of Fate, but the other laws can transform this, make it malleable. The Law of Attraction is always happening. You’re always attracting what you put out; the good, bad, cheery or annoying! Your mood and thought processes steer this vessel towards your outcome. This is where your limited beliefs come into play; if you believe it, then it will come true, leaving you with the never-ending question “Why?” With practice you can learn how to control it.

Law of Creative Abundance: I LOVE THE LAW OF CREATIVE ABUNDANCE! This is when the deeper healing really starts. You start changing your belief systems, heal your inner child, your traumas, and you take a deeper look at your values. The question, “Why am I here,” starts to seep into the forefront of your mind. Answers start blooming! What is the Law of Creative Abundance? This is when you get to switch those negative thought around into positive thoughts, then DECIDE what you want your world to look like.

Law of Allowing: Release the resistance! No more self-sabotage! You dig a bit deeper to find out what’s holding you back. You’ve cleaned up all the “junk in your trunk” from the Fate years, but now you want more, and you learn how to manifest it.

This workshop will take you from Fate to Destiny! It doesn’t matter where you’re on your journey. If you’re on a journey, (we are all, but don’t necessary recognize it) you’ll know there is always more to heal and more you can be.

As a woman you’ve been told “you can be anything!” What they didn’t tell you is you don’t have to be everything. YOU get to choose what you want your identity to look like. For some of us it’s always transforming and that can be confusing too. Join me for my Fate & Destiny Masterclass along with a tribe of likeminded individuals to support you.

Join me and take the next step in your life; whether that’s because you feel stuck, your struggling, you’re looking for direction, or want to move your vibration up to that next level!

This workshop is limited to 8 committed individuals that are looking for change, that are looking to feel empowered!

Sign-up for this 10-week Masterclass starting on September 17, 2020.

“Thank you Tracy so much for helping me kick start and continue my healing transformation in such a positive way. Setting goals and attaining them because of your coaching has been just what I needed. Moving past repetitive patterns and unnecessary beliefs has helped me to expand my awareness and move forward. Learning and receiving new methods to healing has helped me remarkably and I will continue to use them in my life. I am much more light and happy because of the coaching that I received. Gratitude & Appreciation!”

S. Beaudry