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This full-day workshop is geared towards helping you improve your emotional, mental, and spiritual boundaries, not only with self, but with others. Working with Breath, Energetic Exercises and Guided Imagery you will gain a better understanding of what is being depleted and how to replenish yourself.

Finding balance can translate to more time, energy and passion for yourself and your family. You will learn how to live in NEUTRAL, in the Now, Om… so that outside triggers no longer have an effect on your life. You will get a good understanding about which energy is yours and what energy is not!

Contact Tracy

Naniamo, BC

Mobile: 250-937-9488


I’m committed to my own healing process and because of that I am committed to yours. I offer intuitive healing, private coaching sessions, group coaching, and a variety of workshops, including Usui and Karuna Reiki training.

I’m also available to teach at workshops and for speaking engagements.

My journey continues daily. I hope you will let me assist you on your journey of healing.

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