Teaching was never on my radar, until I taught my first Reiki workshop in January 2006. I can’t even express how profound that experience was for me. I loved teaching Usui Reiki I, II and Master Levels along with Karuna Reiki. There was so much depth to the work and my students walked away with more then just information, their life was transformed!

I wanted to teach people that were outside of the Reiki realm, there was just so much information to share! My next workshop was Healing Boundaries. That drew a phenomenal crowd, because who doesn’t have some issued with Healing Boundaries?

My students wanted more and so next I developed my Fate & Destiny workshop. What would it be like to clear your karma and move into the dharma stage of your life? That is fate and destiny. You get to clear out the crap and rebuild with new tools and concepts, then manifest the results you want to achieve.

Starting January 2023 I added a New Moon Women’s Circle. Come join this supportive group of women that meet monthly to share and support one another through the shifting tide of the moon cycle.

The end result of all these workshops, is you get to raise your vibration. Raise it to a place where you are in alignment with what you want. Get rid of the struggle, join me for one or all three of these very powerful and energetic workshops!