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In 1999 my life started to unravel, mentally and emotionally. I was a wreck. Some might call it a breakdown, whatever it was, I desperately needed help. My lifesaver came in the form of alternative healing. This new world, these new experiences were full of so many possibilities to heal. It was astounding to me that more people didn’t know about the many facets that alternative healing provided. It took me to places, deep, thought provoking places were my soul healed and I felt a level of freedom I’d never experienced before.

It was during this time that I became aware of my own healing gifts, and a passion and purpose emerged from within me.

An increasing number of people are turning to holistic healing for answers to a variety of biological and psychological issues, to alleviate stress and to find balance in their lives. I help with that in a variety of ways. Over the years I’ve called myself by many titles, but what I am at my core is an Intellectual Intuitive, a Truth Seeker, a Soul Whisperer.

The truth about our life, our stories, are within us. Much of it is trapped within our cells waiting for help to heal. The work I do adjusts, elevates and transforms your frequency, allowing the perception of your truth to emerge so you can live a happier and healthier life. This work helps heal your physical ailments, calm your emotions and relax your mind.

Since 2005 I’ve done this through a variety of healing modalities, Holistic Life Coaching, Intuitive Healing (which includes CranioSacral, Visceral, Brain, & Neural Therapies, Reiki, Shamanism, and Mediumship), Reiki I, II, and Master training, and energetic workshops.

Although many of us are dealing with similar issues, everyone heals differently. That is why one individual might receive a full session of Reiki, another might receive a variety of treatments, or you might want to be more involved in the process so my Coaching Program is more suited to your needs.

My intention for you is to feel better, preferably fantastic!

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This year I had the great experience of doing transformational coaching with Tracy. At my first appointment I was in a very dark place having discovered the real reason for my marriage breakdown. Even before knowing the reason, I had been stuck in grief and paralyzed by the separation for 12 months. I started with Tracy and 7 appointments later I was on the path to making positive changes and was able to see the reason for marital breakdown as a blessing. I did not think I could get there, but Tracy’s support lead to the path of forgiveness and moving forward. Amazing!

L. Schwartz