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Tracy Makarenko Life Coach

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In 1999 my life started to unravel, mentally and emotionally, okay, I had a breakdown. My lifesaver came in the form of Holistic Healing. What that looked like at a deeper level was… unexpected. During my own healing journey, gifts, purpose, and passion emerged.

I AM an Intellectual Intuitive, a Truth Seeker, a Soul Whisperer.

I have the ability to help heal you on so many levels, by adjusting and elevating your frequency, and transforming your perception towards a happier and healthier life.

Whether you’re part of my Coaching Program, receiving an Intuitive Healing, or attending one of my workshops, we’ll breakdown and release old conditioning, cut cords, reintroduce lost soul parts, then connect on a subconscious level where you really get to unravel your truth and recognize your full potential. Releasing issues in your tissues will free up limiting beliefs and trauma.

We’ll find your truth. Together, we’ll work to build your confidence, self-esteem, and healthy relationships. These relationships include your finances. You’ll gain a clearer picture and understanding of who you are and what you want to achieve. I want you to reclaim your self-worth and make empowering choices for your life. I want you to get to that place where you can transition through your daily life with EASE. Let’s elevate your consciousness and rock this life!

Not sure what’s holding you back? Unlock the secret with my free guided meditation.

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This year I had the great experience of doing transformational coaching with Tracy. At my first appointment I was in a very dark place having discovered the real reason for my marriage breakdown. Even before knowing the reason, I had been stuck in grief and paralyzed by the separation for 12 months. I started with Tracy and 7 appointments later I was on the path to making positive changes and was able to see the reason for marital breakdown as a blessing. I did not think I could get there, but Tracy’s support lead to the path of forgiveness and moving forward. Amazing!

L. Schwartz